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Research: How Many Local Businesses in Illinois Use Google Business Profile

How many local businesses use Google Business - evolve with digital - web design chicago

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Local businesses are what we love about our city of Chicago. Competing against franchises and chain businesses, one of the most effective tools for local businesses to boost their online visibility is Google Business Profile (GBP).
Our team at Evolve with Digital is conducting an in-depth research to understand how many local businesses in Illinois are using Google Business profiles and how actively they are managing them.
To answer our own question: How many local businesses use Google Business?

Tools & Methodology

To conduct the research our team used local SEO tools: BrightLocal, Localo, SEMrush & SEranking.
The research involved analyzing 3,000 service-based businesses and 400 dental practices within Illinois.
Business NAP data was collected from publicly available sources such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, MapQuest and other online sources.
***An additional, smaller sample of data was collected by conducting surveys but is not being used in generating the final result.

The service-based businesses included the following niches: paving, roofing, cleaning, renovation, and painting.
We aimed to identify how many of these businesses had Google Business profiles and how actively they were being managed.


Service-Based Businesses

  1. Google Business Profile Setup:

    • Out of 3,000 service-based businesses, 74% did not have a Google Business profile.
    • Most of these businesses had unclaimed Yelp profiles, indicating a lack of awareness or prioritization of Google Business.
  2. Active Management of Google Business Profiles:

    • Of the 26% (780 businesses) that had a Google Business profile, only 11% (86 businesses) were actively managing and growing their profiles.

Dental Practices

  1. Google Business Profile Setup:

    • In the dental sector, out of a sample of 400 practices, 53% (212 practices) had a Google Business profile.
  2. Active Management of Google Business Profiles:

    • Among the dental practices with a Google Business profile, 32% (68 practices) were actively working on improving their profiles and rankings.

Comparative Analysis

The data shows significant differences in how various sectors are adopting and managing Google Business profiles. Service-based businesses are less engaged with Google Business in comparison to dental practices. This disparity can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Awareness:

    • Dental practices often have more awareness regarding digital marketing and online presence compared to service-based businesses. Practices are probably approached by marketing and reputation management companies more often than service-based sectors.
  2. Perceived Value:

    • The perceived value of having an online presence might be higher in the healthcare sector, where reputation and visibility play a bigger role in patient acquisition.
Google Business Evolve With Digital LIP

Impact of Google Business Profiles

Actively managing Google Business profile significantly improves local business visibility and customer engagement. Businesses that actively manage their profiles see:

  1. Increased Visibility:

  2. Customer Engagement:

    • Enhanced customer engagement through features such as reviews, photos, and posts, leading to increased trust and credibility.
  3. Business Growth:

    • Greater customer acquisition and retention, ultimately contributing to business growth and revenue.

More Info Coming

As we analyze the data new updates will be available on this page in weekly intervals.

Case Studies and Success Stories


Our team used publicly available information to gather a database of businesses. Database generation was done in-house.

At one of our team meetings the question – How many local businesses use Google Business was asked. We are a curious bunch, so we had to find out.
At one point we touched on dental services to see what could be the potential difference.

As of this moment we are gathering more dental NAP’s to further analyze our findings.
The goal is to have 3000 service / 3000 dental practices, preferably with the least difference in location.

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